About Jayne Fiskin

Jayne Fisken Purvis is an aesthetic nurse who runs busy cosmetic clinics within London’s Marylebone and North East of England.

With a passion for skincare she decided to formulate her own brand Jayne Fi’skin.

After researching patients and clients alike she found the three elements of what people wanted from skincare. Those being hydration, radiance and nourishment.

To source the best possible ingredients for todays lifestyle, advanced organic components were needed to address skin health.

After collaborating with a chemist renowned for his scientific approach to the development of stem cell formation and function of natural anti-ageing extracts, Jayne Fi’skin’s first face cream Rupa was to launch, along with Beaut’e-Jaujac eye cream and Madam’e Chaja face mask.


“In creating Jayne Fi’skin my desire was to explore revolutionary stem cells and cellular rejuvenation generating and stimulating skin cell metabolism boosting microcirculation which ultimately allows delivery of our combined fusion of added nutrients, vitamins and minerals so oxygen can be delivered to the area improving elasticity, skin structure and tissue maintenance. Our super blend of products have fantastic and powerful anti-ageing benefits.”

Jayne x