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Only time...

Our passion for eye health is encapsulated within our coalesce of ingredients.

Eye Beaute-Jaujac refers back to natures timeless existance that embodies elegance, strength and longevity that is instrinsically deep rooted within the horse chestnut tree, our main component.

Its graceful eternal maturity, and ancient 16th Century history holds its place in spiritual culture and belonging, its significance and depth to such unfading beauty.

Beaute-Jaujac's active concentrate nourishes our ageing cells that increase epithelium thickness accelerating skin recovery to the surrounding eye contour improving overall appearance and wrinkles giving a luminious glow while hydratating.

Gatuline® found and grown in France works magic along with stemcell and hyaluronic acid extract firming and supporting our eye tissue's age defence while accelerating other nutrient elements within this luxury rejuvenating eye cream.

The soothing anti-wrinkle action of Gatuline® increases skin tonicity, lifted appearance and skin quality and the re-designing of the overall eye contour by directly acting underneath the wrinkled eye.

One of the consistent findings is the flattering of the derma-epidermal junction, this leads to a diminished area of contact between dermis and epidermis; cohesion and communication are reduced, interfering with the skins normal homeostasis showing visible effects with Eye Beaute-Jaujac eye cream within just weeks.

Adding Horse Chestnut to the formula further helps the process maintaining absorption despite constant environmental external changes with our concentrate of ingredient extracts targeting the cell membrane.

Relieving fatigue, eliminating oedema and puffiness, returning delicate eyelid skin elasticity and capillary fragility that will retain ageless elegant timeless beauty.