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“Fusimg nature with Science”

Most sign of ageing can be traced back to two things; the breakdown of our skins natural moisture barrier and simply growing older.

“Our fuse of combined multi anti-age nutrients increase effectiveness involved in daily moisturising”

Scientific technology will protect, rebuild, nourish skin and work on skin cells, ensuring the delivery of ingredients designed to penetrate deep into the skins layers and preserve the skin barrier.

Results show a significant improvement in radiance, tightness and brightness.  The illuminating and lightweight formula will lighten skin tones making for an even appearance.

Our unique blend offers a vitality on a deeper cellular level, re-hydrating and enriching your complexion.  Immersed in a natural organic texture it gets to work immediately plumping skin whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Adding green tea (anti-oxidant) a very powerful and profound anti carcinogenic, with cell protection properties that stimulate micro-circulation and positively influence overall skin health.

Grape seed oil extract has also been incorporated and is packed with essential fatty acids which are very effective in minimising scar tissue and premature ageing while deeply nourishing the skin.

Along with other amalgamated botanical bio technology actives such as Vitamin E, that reduces pollution and absorbs UV rays related to free radicals. 

Peg 100 will act as a barrier and emollient on skin that will neutralise significant damage from extrinsic elements by awakening dormant collagen cells.

Trehalose, a natural occurring saccharide present in a wide variety of plant stem cells, protecting skin from fibroblasts from hydration while replacing water in tissues allowing normal cellular activity to be resumed while retaining moisture.

Coalesce with kernel oil further offering a soft and glossy appearance with its great nutrients of Omega 3 and Vitamin A, E & K associated with it.

This grand fusion will balance, lubricate and nourish skin structure while regenerating blood cell membrane and elasticity.  Combined with other remarkable ingredients creating a exceptional velvety smooth cream based formula.