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“All in the Eyes”

From blinking a whopping 10’000 times per day and exposing our eyes to nature’s harsh elements it is no wonder our eyes are the first to show signs of ageing.

Our eyelids are three times thinner than skin on the rest of our face. The very delicate eye area makes it the most vulnerable to damage and dryness. 

Low in collagen, elastin and fat cells, wrinkles can appear here first, that is why our eyes need constant hydration.

We often express our emotions through our precious eyes, sadness, happiness, laughter, tears, joy and fatigue.

Eye Beaut’e-Jaujac is derived from Gatuline® combined technology, Horse Chestnut Flowers contain Gatuline® extract that is rich in molecules (flavonoids).

“Manually picked from Ardech’e France, a new active and responsible source that is certified as a organic ingredient represents nature at its very best”

Horse Chestnut has been used in herbal medicine for centuries and more recently in cosmetics.  The wonderful combined anti-age components include triterpene glycosides, coumarin, tannins and plant stenols.

Benefits show significant blood circulation (ideal for under eyes) as it strengthens fragile veins and capillaries while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

The combination of stem cell, hyaluronic acid and horse chestnut are outstanding together in reducing ageing effects on soft eye tissue.

Clinical research measures see a reduction in all eye contour wrinkles, firmness to eye area, along with lifting and smoothing, improving overall skin quality and comfort. 

Reconnecting the epidermis and dermis, enhancing the communication pathway with rapid efficacy, while offering anti-inflammatory and toning that fight against natural lines and pre-ageing.