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‘Many a Distinctive Character...

Madam’e Chaja products are carefully formulated and designed to create an individual look unique to that personality.  The feel of texture and the scientific future of Ingredient alongside artist impression depicts modern stylish living today.

Madam’e has many a connotation, written, formal, polite, artistic, exotic, married, French speaking women, fortune teller, musician and mystic.  Our scarfs are 100% silk with dynamic illustrations exploring vibrant deep and dark powerful colour, and personal statement.

Madam’e Chaja is timeless, versatile, empowerment, certainly no wallflower, she creates her own reality and directs her own days.

Our fabulous face mask leads in futuristic organic process of natural ingredient that surely softens and soothes skin from harsh extrinsic elements, working in synergy to renew any damaged skin from high city pollution levels.

The leave on mask will help uplift and firm skins appearance, with it's easy application, this diamond feeling gold cap and glossy translucent pot looks chic on a dressing table and eye catching on a bathroom wall cabinet.

Add Madam’e Perfum to your luxurious collection presented in a pretty petite square glass jar with a stylish gold top that’s easy to hold and fit into standard handbag size perfectly.