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‘Igniting Memory and Emotion ...

Enjoy and energise in luminosity taking in aromas with distinctive sensual extracts, that truly evoke memory and emotion with a warm, inviting, energising and pure rich hypnotic notes that will envelop your home.

Infusing delicate petals, blooms and spices formulated in true French perfumery elegance.

Our candles, diffusers and perfume explore femininity, romance, warmth with a woody, citrus, rose, jasmine bergamot and orange that capture the spirit of the moment.

A perfume so pretty, delicate, natural, sensual, elegant, formidable and striking, contemporary in its modern approach with blended aromas to possess and encapsulate a strong womanly scent worn enigmatically through the day and grown up glamour by night.

Luxury matt black and clear glass candles add a touch of style to a room and complementing almost any home décor with memorizing fragrances.

Matching diffusers designed to disperse smell with wooden reeds naturally extracted into the air to harmonise, balance and promote the health of body, mind and spirit.

Elevate mood, boost immune system by adding favourite essential oils to the mix, we recommend eucalyptus and peppermint that improves respiratory passages and eliminates airborne bacteria in your home, while increasing energy and fatigue.