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Power of Plant

The treasured herb Centella Asiatica (gotu kola) with its unique and compelling structure that restores cell production.

The benefits and wonder of  ‘gotu kola’ is exceptionally renowned to combat dryness, skin elasticity, brightness and skin problems. Replenishing skin tone while repairing, rich in triterpine saponins known to firm and tighten.

This very old botanical and  it's natural ingredients found in damp areas of Asia, Africa, Sri Lanka and Philippines along its beautiful  simple rounded leaves and petite flowers have new found popularity within the last few year. 

Our infusion of 25 ingredients make it a truly remarkable, versatile and deluxe skin rejuvenation product that targets anti-ageing at its very best with our luxurious, rich skincare technology.

Anti Wrinkle Centella Face Cream

Our new active complex and it’s synergistic two-fold approach is more effective in skin cell repair than either classic moisturization or stem cell extract along.

Anti-wrinkle Centella Asiatica Stem Cell cream addresses both the systematic moisturising needs of the skin while targeting specific cellular demands.

Thanks to the advances throughout screening and continuous separation techniques our formula contains a higher percentage and a higher purity of 'Centella Asiatica Meristem Cells' than previously offered.

The Native Plant

Our system of a super synthesis blend of nutrients and components offer fantastic benefits for the skin.

  • Active complex restores moisture and promotes skin healing. “Classical moisturization for immediate and long term moisture”.
  • Improved moisturization optimises effects of meristem cell extract. “Increase moistuization leads to optimal environmental repair”.
  • Cell longevity, reduction in enzyme activity. “Reduction of hyaluronidase leads to cellular longevity and flexibility”.
  • Anti-wrinkle effects, 100% effective. “100% of subjects studied showed a marked decrease in the amount of visible wrinkles”.